It All Started When...


We started SwatchOut before we got married in 2015 as a way to spend time together and not have to work separate jobs as we started our new life. Today we call Michigan home (Lexi is from Seattle and Chris was living in NY when they met) and love what it has to offer. Between the two of us we have 30+ years combined experience in the trades and have worked all over the US of A. We really appreciate our wonderful clients and show it by our quality of work.

We truly love what we do and know you will feel the same. 

So what's with the name??  

We came up with SwatchOut as a play on the word "Swatch"(think paint swatch) and "Swap" (as in swap out your old color). It has served us well as a fun and unique alternative to the common business acronym so as to pique people's interest and not get us lost in the crowd. You're here reading this... so far so good!